Singaporeans to embrace AI-enhanced, immersive dining by 2040: report

GoFood service in Jakarta / Photo credit: Gojek

Singaporeans can expect a significant shift in their eating habits and dining experiences by 2040, as a future where personalized diets, driven by AI tech, and immersive dining will become the norm, according to a report by food delivery firm Deliveroo.

Called “Snack to the Future,” the report predicts a shift toward personalized diets, with the emergence of “Me-ganism” as the mainstream dietary approach surpassing the popularity of the ketogenic diet.

Powered by AI, Me-ganism will involve analyzing individuals’ physiological and psychological states to provide personalized meal recommendations.

Deliveroo also sees a future where food delivery services will use augmented imagery, audio, and packaging. This experiential approach aims to provide unique and immersive formats, enhancing the overall dining experience for customers.

The report also highlights the growing integration between the food and beauty industries. Edible beauty products, such as anti-aging ice cream, and menus designed to balance hormones and boost dopamine are expected to gain popularity among Singaporeans.

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Technological advancements, particularly in 3D printing, are predicted to simplify food preparation and customization. Consumers will be able to create “perfectly” portioned and nutritionally balanced meals of their choice at home, using the benefits of advanced 3D printing.

Additionally, the report underscores the impact of climate change and overpopulation on future food shortages. To address these challenges, the report calls for more resilient food systems and an exploration of alternative ingredients that require less water to grow and sustain.


Deepti Sri

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