Generative AI is already disrupting marketing

Image credit: Boston Consulting Group

It doesn’t feel like generative AI tools like ChatGPT have been part of the public consciousness for that long, but they’re already disrupting plenty of industries, including marketing.

A recent survey of chief marketing officers (CMOs) in North America, Asia, and Europe by Boston Consulting Group has revealed the extent of that change.

Of the CMOs surveyed, 70% reported that their company is already using the tech in its work. Only 3% had no plans to start testing generative AI, showing how ubiquitous it’s becoming in marketing.

The most frequent use case is in personalization, with 67% of the CMOs already taking advantage of generative AI to better personalize products and services.

Unsurprisingly, content creation also ranked high in the survey. According to 49% of the executives, generative AI can help organizations craft content more rapidly and in certain cases, at a higher quality level.

Most tellingly, an overwhelming 93% of the marketing leaders said using generative AI has led to improvements in how they organize their work.


Peter Cowan

Community content editor at Tech in Asia, based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Reach me via email at peter.cowan@techinasia[dot]com

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