Indonesia’s Bank Mandiri adds Volta’s motorbikes to super-app offerings

Photo credit: Volta

Indonesia’s Bank Mandiri has announced a collaboration with local electric vehicle maker Volta to allow customers to purchase the latter’s electric motorcycles through Livin’, Bank Mandiri’s super app.

The move aligns with Indonesia’s energy transition efforts as it pushes to achieve net-zero emissions by 2060, Bank Mandiri said in a statement. The partnership is also promoting the adoption of EVs in Indonesia through Volta’s rental program.

Volta is one of the domestic firms that has secured electronic vehicle incentives from the Indonesian government. The incentives are given in the form of a subsidy of 7 million rupiah (around US$466) for one electric motorcycle unit sale made by the company.

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It was also recently announced that Volta, along with other EV players Gesits and Alva, will be working with Indonesia Battery Corporation to create standardized hardware and software for electric motorbikes in the country.

Meanwhile, Bank Mandiri said that its Livin’ app had over 13 million active users as of September 2022. It rolled out the super app in March 2021, having spent US$35 million that year for its development.

Currency converted from Indonesian rupiah to US dollar: US$1 = 15,010.00 rupiah.


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