Podcast: Rounding up SEA tech news with Momentum Works

Sea and Grab recently released earnings results and as always, any financial news regarding the two Southeast Asian giants gets a lot of attention.

No wonder then that the first episode of the new Momentum Works podcast focused on the two firms.

The venture builder and research firm recently launched Impulso, a podcast that dives into tech trends in Asia.

Featuring CEO Jianggang Li, engagement manager Sabrina Chong, and insights lead Saniya Ramchandani, the episode highlights the competition Sea faces in the ecommerce space, as well as stagnating gross merchandise value for Grab.

The news roundup also touches on regulations for generative AI, and Luckin Coffee’s attempted comeback.

Here are four highlights we picked out from the episode:

4:45 – Why Momentum Works’ analysts estimate that Shopee is operating with a 10% take rate

16:59 – Why Grab will probably achieve its goal of profitability in the fourth quarter of this year

22:40 – Why calls to regulate artificial intelligence from OpenAI’s CEO may be self-serving

30: 50 – Why Momentum Works’ analysts aren’t sure if Luckin Coffee can make it in Singapore


Peter Cowan

Community content editor at Tech in Asia, based in Hanoi, Vietnam. Reach me via email at peter.cowan@techinasia[dot]com

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