Watch Product Development Conference 2022 – Day 2

Structured to address the challenges that product professionals and enthusiasts face, Tech in Asia’s flagship Product Development Conference (PDC) took place from June 8 to 9.

Now on its sixth year, PDC gathered over 6,000 participants dialing in from 61 countries and across 47 industries including finance, SaaS, edtech, ecommerce, healthcare, and more.

Apart from having thought leaders from high-growth companies share their insights and knowledge, the conference also featured several sessions on Web3 product management to help professionals get ahead of the curve.

Agenda – Day 2

???? Creating your user journey in the invisible world of APIs ⏱ Timestamp: 00:04:17

Maria Sahara – Product Lead Fintech, Xendit

???? The rise of ProductOps – buzzword or a better way of working? ⏱ Timestamp: 00:46:11

Steve Ng – Developer Relations Lead, New Relic APJ

???? Building a DAO project people care about ⏱ Timestamp: 01:21:34

Lily Wu – Co-founder, WOW Pixies DAO Tian Wen Tay – Journalist, Tech in Asia (moderator)

???? How to lead tech teams in a remote setup ⏱ Timestamp: 2:04:50

Damiano Tietto – Site Lead and Engineering Director, Taiwan Development Center, Carousell Nadine Yap – Chief Product Officer, The Parentinc Aliza Knox – Tech Exec, Author, and Non-Exec Director (moderator)

???? Decoding DeFI applications ⏱ Timestamp: 3:06:38

Shaun Heng – Head of Spartan Labs Soh Wan Wei – Head of Ecosystem, Multiverse Labs Deepti Sri – Journalist, Tech in Asia (moderator)

???? Process efficiency on testing your product ⏱ Timestamp: 3:42:22

Chad Friedman – Regional Sales Manager, APAC, Applause Roy Kazir – Deputy CEO, Chief Strategy, BizDev, Data & Digital Officer, Cal by Visa

???? Improving SaaS onboarding experience for higher retention ⏱ Timestamp: 4:15:11

Tushar Bhatia – Senior Product Manager, Atlassian

???? Slack’s design process & strategy ⏱ Timestamp: 5:06:24

Ethan Eismann – Vice President of Design, Slack Celine Wong – Product & Engineering Lead, Tech in Asia

???? Product leadership using JTBD (Jobs to be Done) Framework ⏱ Timestamp: 5:52:35

Adam D’arcy – CPO, Prodigy Finance

Jasmine Teo

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